Darss during COVID-19

A friend of mine was in Prerow, Darss during the COVID-19 outbreak. He sent me some pictures. I was astounded.

The emptiness was so stark that I decided that this needed to be shared.

I personally love these brutalist designs. I probably wouldn’t want to live here though; I can’t speak German.
Fart means bicycle in German. Did you also know mutter means mother in German? You better not mutter to your mutter!
This is such a famous type of picture. When he sent this to me, I felt like I had a celebrity on my phone.
You probably wouldn’t see this if the terrorists – ah… sorry, I believe the proper term is ‘tourists’ – who normally come here were actually here.
This really gives me the shivers. Snakes are scary. Eww.

I like to surround myself with talented friends. He is a serious film maker and photographer that I highly recommend you check out here:


Please check it out…

It will improve your quality of life…

His website isn’t as good as mine but don’t tell him I said that 😉

June 6th, 2020 | by Zaffron Steam

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