Shantae (2002) Video Index

This is the video index for my playthrough of Shantae (2002).

In Sequin Land. Shantae is a half-genie who earns her keep by protecting her orient-inspired village, Scuttle Town. One day, the nefarious pirate, Risky Boots, attacks and makes off with a steam engine. Now it’s up to Shantae to recover the steam and engine and put her stop to her evil plans.

This 2002 metroidvania is a cult classic. Developed by WayForward, it’s known for its great design and bubbly protagonist, half-genie Shantae.

This is the video index for my playthough of it.

Episode 1 – The Dribble Fountain Labyrinth

Episode 02 – The Golem Mine Labyrinth

Episode 03 – The Cackle Mound Labyrinth

Episode 04 – The Twinkle Palace Labyrinth

Episode 05 – The Tinkerbat Factory