NOT A HERO Video Index

A video index for the 2D, indie, shooter, NOT A HERO, where we play as a gun for hire to rid a city of crime.

A city is filled with crime. Three notorious crime bosses run the streets with an iron fist. An unknown apocalyptic event threatens the world. Only one man… err… bunny… can save us all!

(It’s not us in case you’re wondering)

A 2015, 2.25D, sidescrolling shooter by Roll7. We play as an amoral gun for hire doing the bunnylord’s bidding to clean up the streets and improve his approval rating. If he isn’t elected, we will all die… somehow.

Episode 1 – Not a Russian Mobster

Our first targets are the Russians.

This episode covers levels 1 – 4 of NOT A HERO.

Episode 2 – Not a Russian Mobster

VIOLENT CONTENT WARNING! Then again, why are you watching this?

We return with some new additions to the Bunnylord Fun Club, most notably Samantha and Jesus. More fun and ridiculous times to come as we move to take Bogdan, the Russian Crime Boss, down.

This episode covers levels 5 – 7 of NOT A HERO.

Episode 3 – Not a Gangsta [sic]

Destroying ganja warehouses, saving hostages, and collecting severed rat heads are just the first steps we take on our path to kill the second crime boss: Upgraydd.

This episode covers levels 8 – 10 of NOT A HERO.

Episode 4 – Not going to jail for that…

Now is the time we make our move to kill Upgraydd… but first, we need to steal a mysterious owl and escort a machine gun-wielding old lady back to her flat.

This episode covers levels 11 – 14 of NOT A HERO.

Episode 5 – Not a Yakuza

With Upgraydd dead, we are just left with Akemi Unagi, the leader of the Pan-Asian Triad Yakuzas… or something…

This episode covers levels 15 – 17 of NOT A HERO.

Episode 6 – Not the Global Megalord

Before the election, we need to make one final move to steer the masses: kill Akemi’s sushi supply…

…and also Akemi…

She won’t, however, go down without a fight…

This episode covers levels 18 – 21 of NOT A HERO.