Dungeon Keeper Video Index

As you can tell from the title, this page is an index for my first 'Let's Play' series of Dungeon Keeper.

All right. Welcome, welcome.

For my inaugural ‘Let’s Play’ series I decided to play Dungeon Keeper, one of my all-time favourites. This page will serve as an index for all the episodes I put up.

Episode 1 – Eversmile

The first episode. Here we are introduced to basic gameplay, imps, beetles, flies, lairs, treasure rooms and the hatchery.

Episode 2 – Cosyton

Here we are introduced to the training room and demon spawn.

Episode 3 – Waterdream Warm

Here we are introduced to the library and the warlocks, as well as the spells that accompany that. We also run into some Skeletons for the first time.

Episode 4 – Flowerhat

In this episode, we see the bridge, the workshop, the traps and doors that come with it, and the troll. I learn how to use the Call to Arms spell and we find Gems!

Episode 5 – Lushmeadow-on-Down

In this region, we managed to rescue a Bile Demon and some Spiders… AND claim a prison at the same time.

Episode 6 – Snuggledell

The only thing stopping us from killing these bunny-lovers is another keeper. We do, however, have the aid of Dark Mistresses attracted to our dungeon by our new Torture Chamber.

Episode 7 – Wishvale

This level was a bit of a drag for me. In any case, we managed to attract an Orc Warlord who brought with him the knowledge of a Barracks. By letting prisoners die in the torture chamber, they come back as Ghosts.

Episode 8 – Tickle

We manage to uncover some of the mysteries of a Temple. With the right sacrificial recipe, the Dark Gods reward us with a Horned Reaper. He ends up being more trouble than he’s worth. We also spend half the episode in search of the first Secret Hidden World! Not that it matters, but in our search for the secret, we also come across some Hounds.

Episode 9 – Moonbrush Wood

This is my favourite level. We learn how to raise Vampires by letting the corpses of our enemies rot in the Graveyard. We also find our second Secret Hidden World. We get our first Dragon by levelling up a Level 10 Demon Spawn.

Episode 10 – Nevergrim

Here we find, in my opinion, the least useful room, the Scavenger Room. It makes no difference because we finish the level in about 6 minutes with the aid of a level 10 Dark Mistress. We spend the rest of the episode doing the first secret.

Episode 11 – Hearth

This is a Tower Defense Level that we effortlessly complete with the aid of another Dark Mistress. We also complete the second secret.

Episode 12 – Elves’ Dance

The game starts to ramp up the difficulty by pitting you against not one, but two keepers at the same time. It’s not that much of a challenge as we use the Level 10 Dragon we got from the previous secret to end one of the keepers’ career in the first 5 minutes.

Episode 13 – Buffy Oak

Same procedure as last time: Two Keepers, prematurely kill the first one with a level 10 creature, use the extra space and resources to massacre the second. Simple stuff.

Episode 14 – Sleepiburgh

Again, two keepers, one early kill, build up an army to kill off the second… except there’s a twist! Both Keepers are incredibly expansionist and we also have to deal with a pesky Lord of the Land. At the very least, we are given some strong Trolls and a Horned Reaper.

Episode 15 – Woodly Rhyme

The Last Frontier. This is the last level I played before I started recording this series. Beyond this point, I have no idea what to expect from each level. This level was also quite fun. We got to try out the Armageddon Spell. We also find the 3rd Secret Hidden World here.

Episode 16 – Tulipscent and Mirthshire

With the aid of a Level 10 Mistress from one of the secrets, we cheesed Tulipscent a little. So why not do the next level as well? Mirthshire is another Tower Defense Level.

Episode 17 – Blaise End

For these last three levels, we are going to see a bit of a difficulty spike as each level has its own set of challenges. Blaise End gives you limited gold, a HUGE creature pool, and some incredibly vindictive heroes. Lots of creatures demand lots of pay. On top of all that, we meet a strange creature called a Tentacle. We also discover the 4th Secret Hidden World.

Episode 18 – Mistle

If you thought we had little gold in Blaise End, check how much we get in Mistle. Our one reprieve are the gems at the end of an obstacle course littered with powerful creatures. The worst part? There’s no training room! At the very least we have a Level 9 Priestess from the previous secret.

Finale – Skybird Trill

A fight to the death with the Avatar!

Yes. At last, we made it. Now we have ample space and gold to build a strong army to face off against our arch nemesis and the strongest creature in the realm: The Avatar. Steel yourself for some cheap jokes and a race against time and the other Keeper to claim the Avatar’s stronghold and defeat his magnificent army. It gets chaotic and it gets surreal.