Deus Ex Video Index

This is the Index Page for my Deus Ex Let's Play Series.

The future is here and it’s ugly. The Statue of Liberty doesn’t have a head, FEMA actually does something and the UN has teeth in the form of UNATCO, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. Conspiracies permeate the world, military autocracies are the norm, AIs are going rogue, and cyber-augmentations are leading us to question our humanity.

This 2000, cyberpunk, FPS classic was developed by Ion Storm and sees us playing as JC Denton, a UNATCO agent who gets pulled into a world of conspiracy.

Episode 0 – The Basics

This is the tutorial level.

Episode 1 – The Statue of Liberty

Our first assignment as a newly recruited UNATCO agent sees us clearing out some NSF terrorists who have taken over the Statue of Liberty.

Episode 3 – Searching for a Generator

The final Ambrosia canister is likely being flown out. Our objective is to find the Airfield and recover the final Ambrosia canister.

Episode 4 – Questionable Loyalties

We found the final canister, but things aren’t as they seem. Conspiracies are unraveling and new information is coming to light, testing our loyalties.

Episode 5 – Escape the Prison

Our choices had consequences: imprisonment. A mysterious individual helps us escape.

Episode 6 – Big Trouble in Little Hong Kong

Having escaped, it’s up to us to uncover the sinister plot we’ve unwittingly walked into. The only one who can help us is a Mr. Tracer Tong in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Episode 7 – Visiting and Infiltrating VersaLife

Majestic 12 are involved, and they aren’t concerning themselves with UFOs. They have a secret lab hidden within the VersaLife corporations’ building. Our next task is corporate espionage.

Episode 8 – Let’s Scuttle a Superfreighter

The Gray Death Virus is man-made. It appears to have been designed by the Illuminati. Before we address the Illuminati, however, we need to deal with a more pressing problem: A superfreighter filled to the brim with Gray Death is docked in New York.

Episode 9 – We’ll Never Have Paris

We successfully scuttled the superfreighter. Our next goal is to make contact with the Illuminati. It appears the French terrorist organisation, Silhouette, might be able to help.

Episode 10 – From a Cathedral to Vandenburg

We’ve made contact! With stolen Majestic 12 intelligence, we can now start manufacturing a cure. There is, however, a problem. We need a Universal Constructor to make the cure, and the only lab willing to let us use their UC has been overrun by Majestic 12 troopers.

Episode 11 – The Ocean Lab

Having liberated the Vandenberg Air Force Base, we’ve run into yet another snag: the Universal Constructor is missing some essential components. The schematics for these parts are heavily guarded in the Pasadena Ocean Lab.

Episode 12 – Area 51

This is the final step. We can now combat the virus, but the mastermind behind this plot won’t stop there. It’s up to us to stop him.