Moving Pictures

This is the index of all my Let's Play video indices. It's essentially a list of all the series I've done so far.

‘Let’s Play Index’ Index

This is the video index for my playthrough of Shantae (2002).

Shantae (2002) Video Index

This is the Index Page for my Deus Ex Let's Play Series.

Deus Ex Video Index

A video index for the 2D, indie, shooter, NOT A HERO, where we play as a gun for hire to rid a city of crime.

NOT A HERO Video Index

As you can tell from the title, this page is an index for my first 'Let's Play' series of Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper Video Index

A fan-made music video for Radiohead's Street Spirit (Fade Out).

Anxious Boy

This animation explains the role and risk associated with antibiotics in order to raise awareness about the dangers of inappropriate use.

Antibiotics: Avoiding Inappropriate Use