Stuff I made when I was younger.

The title says it all.

I was going through some of the stuff I’ve made over the years, when these little beauties caught my eye.

Why I Hate Giant Pandas

Age: 16

This is an infographic I made when I was a little younger. It’s about pandas. Most of the stuff I made back then wasn’t very good, but this… this… this thing… I feel I ought to share it with the world. I honestly don’t know what prompted me to make this.

Coitus Interruptus (or the old pull-out method)

Age: 16

I assume we’ve all had to, at some point, learn about sex whether it’s through our peers, parents, and porn… or school. For me, it was the latter. We were put into groups to make posters about the pros and cons of different forms of contraception. My group went down the classically adolescent, puerile route.

The wording isn’t great and the jokes aren’t funny, but this poster gives me fond memories.