Messing around in Cinema 4D


So I’ve started to mess around in Cinema 4D. I’m not doing anything serious, but I am beginning to produce content, just not very good content. It’s stuff I might possibly own up to…


To start, I wanted to make a weapon of some sort. I was inspired by Zulfiqar, so I decided to make a double-pronged tactical blade as a modern reimagining of the sword. I only just realised that the proportions are off… but I still think it looks nice.

The Satisfying Jif

When I was on 9gag, I saw a gif of a white cube slowly descending into a perfectly matched cube-sized hole. Before the cube had completely sunk in, it stopped abruptly and flipped me off. In response, I made this:

Shiny Spheres and Diamond things

I’m not especially proud of these because I made them following some YouTube tutorials, but I still think they look nice.

October 2nd, 2019 | by Zaffron Steam

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