I made a family tree of the Greek Gods. It's quite big.

(Hesiod’s) Greek God Family Tree

The title says it all.

Stuff I made when I was younger.

I'm not an expert with Illustrator, but I like making stuff every now and then. Here's some of it.

Illustrator Rejects

With the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour taking its toll, I did a little virtual collaboration with an old friend.

Contributions from an old friend

I was asked to make some posters for a hospital. I hope you like them.

Bone Posters

I made a sword in Cinema 4D. And other stuff.

Messing around in Cinema 4D

A paper-printed jazz-festival handy-dandy handout. I made it for something else, but you might still like it...

Jazz Festival Flyer

Low-Poly 3D designs made in Cinema 4D.

Low-Poly Animal Backgrounds

I watch anime and I’m anally retentive, so when I made a MyAnimeList Account (MAL), I had to make my […]

My Custom Anime List